Coffee compass

    Espresso I Mocha I Neapolitan I French press I V60 I Aeropress I Siphon I Cold drip

    Classic with milk

    Macchiato I Cappuccino I Cappuccino Brulee I Flat White I Latte I Mochaccino I Molten Chocolate I Fredo Espresso I Fredo Cappuccino I Cold Latte

    Authentic latte drinks

    Orange I Blueberries I White Chocolate I Mint

    Fruit mixology

    Shakes I Smoothies I Slow pressed juices I Lemonades

    Tea and herbal infusions

    Fruity I Herbal I Black I Green I Rooibos

    Cocktails and Wine

    Gin and Tonic I Rum and Mate I Rum with Ginger and Mint I Aperitif with Grapefruit and Hibiscus I Bvlo Wine I Rosé I Prosecco



    Croissant with cream cheese I Brioche with cheese I Ciabatta with chicken I Ciabatta with zucchini I Quiche with cherry tomatoes I Quiche with spinach I Croissant with salmon I Pretzel baguette with prosciutto cotto I Keto salad I Salad with noodles I Cupcake with arugula I Grisini with parmesan I Tapenade with crackers I Olive mix I Roasted nuts with smoked pepper I Crackers with seeds


    Croissant with butter I Croissant with chocolate I Cake with chocolate and walnuts I Banana bread I Brownies I Brownies white chocolate and frozen raspberries I Gluten-free biscuits with chocolate and walnuts I Biscuits with tahini and chocolate I Lemon tart I Cheesecake with lime and raspberry coulis I Cream with mango and chia I Granola with banana and honey I Granola with raspberry jam I Raw bar with beetroot powder I Meni biscuits I Wamil biscuits with blueberries