It all starts in one bohemian evening with the question Bar or Coffee shop? For the first time Barka rises in a pub in August. It is difficult for our minds to scan what coffee is as a product in 1999, when there were only pastry shops and local bakeries. And all they do was selling robusta coffee, which was used to make the longest espresso in the most plastic cups. Precision is born in the body of a man who makes decisions and gather experience. To this day his motivation has not changed and you can see him with a cup of short espresso or beer. And the famous words that have been heard since 1999 sound like this:

„"The trick is not to set up a coffee machine, but to teach someone else to do it with your passion."

In the beginning the place was administrative building of the royal stables. And I doubt that somebody thought that one day people will appear here ready to immerse all their devotion in a culture greedy to give. But the thing that inspired us from the very beginning is the love for people and the passion to answer the question:

How does coffee unite us so well?

If you want to open a coffee shop you must find answers to the following questions:

Where are the tables placed so that the sun's rays burn at an angle that even Monday morning feels like Saturday? How do you create a concept for your team to believe in and sell in the form of emotion in each cup? In what atmosphere you forget about problems and enjoy life?

ОThe answers to complex questions are sought early in the morning with espresso. At least that's how we found ours. Coffee has always been a catalyst for gossips. Catalyzes the social in people. These are traditions we keep. Coffee is kind of a food. We will always associate it with food. The most delicate. It contains 300 types of essential oils, and it is an art to catch them. And to cook this food means to collect it in a cup without damaging any of the ingredients. People's attitude to coffee should be like cooking a gourmet dish, quite capricious at the same time. The body of a coffee shop is not the interior, the building or the coffee machine, but the feeling in people as they prepare each coffee beverage.

Barka is baked in 2014 under the name Coffee Gossips, created with the idea to talk under the influence of caffeine, creativity and good design. Every espresso teaches us something. And for us - that coffee is not made by force, but on the contrary, it takes us further, if we take it beyond the idea of an everyday product.

Barka is mixed with the desire to always be a little better. Therefore, in 2021 it was rebranded under the name Barka Coffee Statement. Coffee will always be a reason for conversation, but a certain amount of negligence is required if you choose to ignore the problems associated with its disappearance. We choose to follow the path of resolving them, starting by emphasizing and bringing them to light. The statement requires facts and time to prepare them, and in this case, there is no time for gossips. We believe in heritage and in the idea that one day we will sit at the table and cut the bread of our choices and decisions, and if we do it right at home will always smell like freshly roasted coffee.